The campsite is only 300 meters away from a very special landmark, the tallest lighthouse on the Adriatic Coast, which offers an unforgettable experience – a breathtaking panoramic view of the coves Pantera and Ćuna and the nearby islands. The lighthouse measures 42 meters in height. It is distinguished from other lighthouses by its peculiar light yellow shade got from 100 000 egg yolks used for its construction. There is a chapel of Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of sailors, in the lighthouse yard, which hosts the Roman Missal from 1869.

A walking path through an amazing 250 meters long “tunnel” of pine trees in the immediate vicinity of the campsite will lead you to the northern side of the island and a nearby cove Slatina. The surroundings are perfect for cycling, jogging or brisk walking. Swimming and diving are especially popular with tourists. You will definitely not be able to resist the charms of the crystal-clear sea.


Park Nature Park is located in the southeastern part of the island and on the surrounding waters, and 13 islands and islets, makes a marvelous harmony of nature on 70.5 km2.

The park Telašćica is 45 kilometers from our camp. It is characterized by three phenomena:

The Telašćica bay is one of the safest, the most beautiful and largest natural ports in the Adriatic. There are 6 islets and cliffs inside the bay, and 25 small coves on the 69 km indented coastline. It is an attractive anchorage for many boaters.

The cliffs of the island Dugi otok or locally called "Stene" rising up to 200 m over the sea, and vertically falling down 90 m into the sea. Great number of bird species nest here, as well as Peregrine Falcon and Eleanor’s Falcon.

Salt Lake “Mir” with fine curative gray silt is the residence of the endemic specie of eel called "Kajman".

The contrasts of nature is very expressed here with peaceful bays and rugged cliffs, forests of Aleppo pine on one side and Holm oak on the other side, the area of cultivated fields of vineyards and olive-trees, as well as the area of rocky meadows. The Mediterranean vegetation is represented in the park with more than 400 plant species as well as numerous rare and endemic plants that have been recorded. The underwater world is home to about 250 plants and 300 animal organisms,including the now depleted red coral and the carnivorous sponge. The park is a haven for the 14 island donkeys, which roam freely in the bay Mir.


Archaeological researches within the Cave Strašna Peć were never carried out. However, considering the immediate vicinity of the cave Vlakno, which represents an exceptional location as well as the caves Goat and Badanj, we can suggest that this cave, thanks to its geographical position, at the very least served as a temporary habitat for early human populations on the island. A flint artefact, a small knife from the Stone Age, was accidentally found and due to the shape of the rope and the handle it is possible to date it to the Neolithic representing a rare finding at this moment.


As an old song says, "Every place has its festivity" so do villages on Dugi otok welcome each of their festivities with joy. The festivities are mostly held in honour of a patron saint of a particular village.

The festivities on Dugi otok are a combination of live music, fine food and good entertainment till the early morning hours. The most famous is the one in Sali called „Saljske užance“ which lasts three days. Various presentations of folk customs are held during the festivity while the locals participate in gastronomic competitions that will impress all food lovers.

Those who can't wait for the party to begin can start by going to one of the many restaurants with different but mostly Mediterranean cuisine as well as bars and ice-cream parlours where you can taste the island way of life and its culinary traditions.


Our campsite is adjacent to one of the most attractive unspoilt rocky beaches on the island, with a splendid view of the open sea and the tallest lighthouse on the Adriatic Coast. Taking a dip in the crystal-clear sea is a unique experience created by natural pebbles under your feet which have almost a therapeutic effect on your body. The unique atmosphere created every evening by a spectacular sunset will certainly take your breath away.


The most famous sandy beach in this part of the Adriatic is situated in a sheltered cove, only 3,5 km east of the campsite. You will be fascinated by its magic and beauty. This beach is ideal for both adults and the younger ones. The white sand on the shore and in the sea makes it a perfect place for endless children’s games.


One of the island beauties is the beach Veli žal, 10 km east of the campsite. Using a perfect combination of sand and pebbles, Mother Nature has created a beach which will satisfy everyone’s taste. The only islet in the open sea on the southern side of the island, Mežanj, is situated just opposite the beach. There are plenty of other beaches and coves on the island, the popular ones and some more secluded beaches which you will find absolutely fascinating.

In addition to riding, you can recreate daily jogging or fast walking and how much you want. Swimming and diving in the waters of our region are particularly popular and are so sure that even you will not be able to resist the charms of the sea.

logo_kayakKayak & Bike Adventure – Zadar, Croatia

VIDEO – Kayaking on Dugi Otok in Zadar archipelago 2014


An extensive network of bike and trekking routes throughout the island provides a wide range of sightseeing opportunities. You can take a bike tour of the island for recreation and relaxation using a combination of asphalt roads and bike trails. The island of Dugi otok is the right destination for adventurers and all those intending to become ones.


The research and study of deep sea has always presented a challenge to man’s possibilities.Like all other Adriatic islands, the island of Dugi otok has a rich marine life. Diving instructors will walk you through this magnificent underwater world and take you to some of the best diving destinations in the Central Adriatic such as the islet of Mežanj and the underwater cave Brbinjščica.

Diving school "BOŽAVA"
Contact person: Hans-Georg Hassmann
Tel. +385 23 318 891, +49 4321 2509437 (zimi)


Free climbing enthusiasts will be pleased to find a climbing area in an old quarry called “Stara Kava”, situated between the villages Luka and Savar, 30 km east of our campsite. Five climbing routes of 4b+ difficulty have been set since 2012, and five new climbs up to grade 8 are currently planned. This climbing site has attracted a number of local and foreign enthusiasts.


Although the highest point above the sea level of Dugi otok measures only 338 meters in height, its geomorphologic features make it an ideal place for all trekking and mountaineering enthusiasts. The landscape of Dugi otok is mostly hilly. Wooded areas combined with rocks present a real challenge to hikers. That’s why the initiative to mark and register hiking trails on the island has been taken. One of the recommended trails, marked and registered by Croatian Mountaineering Association, is the trail towards the hill Orljak (270 meters in height). The hill overlooks the Zadar archipelago, and the view from the top will make your effort worth while.


Fishing trips are organised from Sali, the largest village on the island, 45 km east of our campsite. Several fishing options are offered: morning, evening, one-day and multiday fishing trips. You can try a variety of fishing techniques.The destination of the trips is the Kornati archipelago.


Half-day and one-day excursions to national parks will make your stay on our island even more interesting, leaving you with some unforgettable memories of a beautiful holiday in Dalmatia.