About us

Our camp is a small family camp and is located on the southwestern tip of Long Island, which is protected and declared significant Croatian landscape. Situated among tall pines and olive trees just seem a quiet corner of the world for those who seek rest of the primeval.

Camp Kargita - Veli Rat - Dugi otok - CroatiaAt the 8000 m / 2 is regulated by the 30 pitches from 70 to 100 m / 2 for receiving about 100 guests. All plots are still not covered by trees, but the trees are planted and grow valuable to our guests in the future given a much-needed shade in the summer.

In the camp we have arranged toilet facilities with hot and cold water adequate for your needs. Fully equipped with modern sanitary facilities for ladies and children separated from the one for gentlemen.

There is also equipped with sanitary facilities for the disabled. Furthermore, there are 3 outdoor shower and space for washing dishes. The camp is also a room with washing machines and refrigerators for our guests. All plots have an electric power supply voltage 220v. We have edited and 4 outdoor grill to without fear of fire to prepare their own barbecue all the delicacies that make holiday favorite and popular.

If you sometimes and not just to cook, to hand you and our restaurant where you will be able to try some of the local Dalmatian dishes, as well as those that are well known to you. In the shade enjoy a meal or just coffee and cold summer drink, as you like.

For the supply of fresh food will also be happy to take care of you, but if you prefer to do your daily shopping, you can do it in the nearest village of Veli Rat 3 km away from us.